Find Apartment and Sign Lease

Students often start looking and signing for housing the September before the lease starts. During this time, you want to consider your budget and your priorities. Take into account location and the quality of the apartment or house.


Sign the lease and put down your deposit, which is usually one month's rent.


Buy What you Need

One month before you move in, you want to start thinking about what you want in your apartment/house. Here is a general list:

  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Kitchen Essentials
  • Bathroom Essentials
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Wifi (if not provided)

Factors to Consider

  • Cheaper: It can be cheaper to stay off-campus, depending on where you live and what your lifestyle is. You do have to pay for Summer and Winter months though!
  • Privacy: You often have more privacy in your own apartment than in a dorm where you share a bathroom with so many people
  • Roommates: Living Off-campus may allow you to choose who you live with who may have similar lifestyles and habits as you
  • Studying Abroad: If you are studying abroad for a semester, you may have to sublet your room or apartment out for that semester.


Off-campus Apartments on North Campus


*It should be noted that few students live Downtown because there are very few buses that run late at night should you choose to stay on campus. There are several buses that run from Downtown to campus every 10 minutes during the day.

Tip: Paying Rent with Cheques

If you have to pay a deposit for housing, payment by cheque is usually advisable.


Most landlords don’t allow for card payments or give invoices/receipts for cash payments, so cheques can provide you with proof of payment.